Central Aviation Solution developed and implemented an Aerospace Quality Management System in order to document the company’s best business practices, better satisfy the requirements and expectations of its customers and improve the overall management of the company. This Quality Assurance Manual has been prepared and developed using the following references as its guidelines:

Federal Aviation Regulations

AC 00-56 Voluntary Industry Distributor Accreditation Program
AC 20-62 Eligibility, Quality and Identification of Approved Aeronautical Replacement Parts
AC 21-2 Export Airworthiness Approvals Procedures
AC 21-20 Supplier Surveillance Procedures
AC 21-29 Detection and Reporting Suspected Unapproved Parts
AC 20-36 Index of Articles Certified Under the TSO System
AC 21-38 Disposition of Unsalvageable Aircraft Parts and AC 43-9 Maintenance Order 8110.42 PMA Approval Procedures Order 8130.21
Procedures for Completion and Use of FAA Form 8130-3
AC 145-9 Guide for Developing and Evaluating Repair Station Inspection Procedures Manuals